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"Perform Zone has made our hiring process faster and easier than ever before. As a growing business, it's critical to our business to efficiently deliver high quality candidates to hiring managers. We are always at the forefront of looking for ways to enhance and improve our services."
"We have used every resource out there from LinkedIn, SEEK, Mycareer, CareerOne, gumtree, Indeed, etc. For our money's worth, nothing brings us greater value than Perform Zone."
"We only really need to post a job on Perform Zone because the posting reaches out to all the leading job boards & social networks with just one click. Moreover, the job postings pro-actively work for us by sending job seekers email alerts with postings that are tailor made for their skills."
"Perform Zone has allowed us to reach different types of candidates actively as well as passively."
"We value diversity with our firm so being able to reach candidates with different types of work backgrounds is key. Perform Zone allows us to post the right amount of ads to reach the candidates that will diversify our company and offer amazing opportunities."
"Perform Zone has provided a quick and efficient pathway for getting our job openings proper exposure with the least amount of pain and hassle possible."
"With Perform Zone’s Post-a-job posting on 20+ job boards, with every posting we saw an immediate increase of the number of applicants we were receiving. We hire for 6 locations in most states so getting quality candidates quickly is incredibly important to us. "
"The support that Perform Zone has shown us in the last year has been fantastic, they are always willing to help make us better. Thank you"
"Perform Zone’s Post a Job has helped our organization gain additional exposure and has totally opened our talent pool. Perform Zone has enabled us to obtain target talent for a very, very niche market."

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