Perform Zone's Cyber Risk profile


Perform Zone has been assessed by the CDIC as having a low overall cyber risk profile. The CDIC assessment map to the domains of the NIST Cybersecurity Framework.

Perform Zone was identified as a medium level target for Cyber-attacks. This was assessed based on Perform Zone’s Industry, profile, innovation and data stored, and client profiles. Perform Zone’s overall business maturity in being able to handle cyber threats was assessed as high. This assessment was based on Perform Zone’s digital footprint, internal security processes, and their management of cyber security exposure, detection, response and recovery.

The highest risk to Perform Zone was assessed as that of their clients being targets for cyber-attacks due to their public profile and locations. Perform Zone mitigates the risk of their clients Threat Profile by providing a high business Maturity Profile to handle cyber threats based on their current processes and general approach with IT and security issues.